Inpainting for Fringe Projection Profilometry Based on Geometrically Guided Iterative Regularization


  • Fringe projection profiometry (FPP) is a kind of non-contact, active and full-frame 3D measurement method.
  • Regular fringe patterns are projected onto the object to be measured. By measuring the deformation of the fringe patterns due to height of the object, the 3D profile of the object can be measured.
  • In this project, a practical while important problem in FPP is tackled.
  • Most practical FPP systems require the projection of light patterns onto the target objects.
  • While many objects are reflective to the projected light, highlight regions are generated on the object surface.
  • No fringe can be seen in the highlight regions.
  • Thus, the 3D profile reconstructed from the captured fringe images will have serious errors.
  • In this project, we first detect the highlight regions in a fringe image based on a Gaussian mixture model. Then the missing fringes in the highlight regions are regenerated using a geometrically guided iterative regularization method.

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