A Novel Expectation-Maximization Framework for Speech Enhancement

  • In this project, improved speech enhancement algorithms were developed based on the sparsity of speeches in the cepstrum domain.
  • A new expectation-maximization framework was also developed to provide a theoretical basis for the iterative enhancement process.
  • The new algorithms work extremely well in different colored noise environments.
  • A paper of this project received the best paper award in an international conference.

On the right, the magnitude spectrum of a noisy speech frame is shown. It can be seen that the proposed LogMMSE_L1_EM algorithm improves the estimation in each iteration. The black line is the ground truth, the red line is the noisy spectrum, and the yellow line is the result after 3 iterations.


Resource for download:


Matlab program (It is a p-file. It can be called using the following command in Matlab: Logmmse_L1_EM(‘noisy speech wave file.wav’,’output wave file.wav’). The speeches are assumed to be sampled at 16 kHz)


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